Big brake kit

Front brakes – Big Brake Kit for the Mini Cooper S

When you have modified your car and made it perform better in any way using the Kavs Motorsport kits, isn’t it about time we offered you a solution on how to bring your powerful car to a halt?!

Through careful testing we developed the BIG BRAKE KIT for competition use in our 380 HP track monster but we kept in mind that it must be nice and safe for road use as well.

During the development stage we had in mind that many people wish to use 16″ tyres on the R50/53 MINIs.

Our 305mm brake discs let us use some of the 16″ wheels. Our big 4 POT BREMBO Brake Calliper sits perfectly on this diameter and works very well with the standard master brake calliper and ABS.

Our goal was to produce a complete braking solution that won’t ‘break’ the bank and succeeded! We wanted the kit to deliver excellent braking performance, while being able to try and reserve the life of the pads so you could spend more time enjoying your MINI. We make the brakes as efficient as possible to keep the general running costs to a low, leaving you with more funds to enjoy your MINI either on the road, or to put some more parts on your MINI for the track. This is a great setup, if you’re into tuning your Mini Cooper S for more power!

If you would like to brake better and be sure to have brakes in any moment of your life then contact us. KAVS Motorsport BBK is ready for you, and if you have any questions or thoughts, please send us an email at:


mini cooper big brake kit